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Janice brings her material for drop-off shredding


Mon – Sat:  8:30AM-5:30PM

Sun: 10AM-3PM


Pricing is $10.00/box, based on a standard size file storage box. See Pricing for material not in  a box.


Forms of payment accepted are cash, debit, credit


Material stays secure until it is shredded. Facilities have 24-hour video surveillance.


You can leave your name to receive a Certificate of Destruction – issued once material has been shredded.

About this Location

The American Mini Storage location in Norco is located at 2059 Second Street, nestled between Hamner and Mountain Avenues and across the street from EZ Up Instant Shelters. This location started with one container and quickly needed three shred containers soon after they were established as a Shred It for Less™ partner. On average, this location is serviced every two weeks. Customers tell us this location is clean and they like the friendly staff at American Mini Storage in Norco.


The Shred It for Less™ service was born in 2009. Since then, many people have found value in the service—having shred over 50K boxes to date. Today, we have 13 locations and counting! The Shred It for Less™ service is about giving people another choice for shredding with nearby locations, weekend hours and on-demand service–show up when it’s convenient for you.

In 2009, drop-off shredding was a new concept when Shred Connect setup its first location in Laguna Beach. The idea was formed from talking to many people who wanted shredding but had less than the 10-box minimum. While the minimum wasn’t a service stipulation, the cost was too high for the amount of material people generally had. Why pay $100 when you only have three boxes of material for shredding? Another group of people wanted to bring their material for shredding on the weekends, while others appreciate flexibility in using the service on their own time.

Secure Collection Partnership

The Shred It for Less™ service is a partnership between Shred Connect and locally-owned mail shops and self-storage facilities. Both parties have vested interest in keeping material for shredding secure until it is shredded. The partnership utilizes a revenue-based sharing model while bringing in potential customers. Most facilities have remained a Shred It for Less™ partner since 2011. And we are happy to report a flawless track record as there has never been a breach in security. Only one time has there was an issue where a manager decided to charge extra, despite the agreed-upon price. I take that back … two times.

Water Bug Dress Up

During a routine visit at a facility in Santa Ana, I took a bathroom break. Not long after I got down to business, I noticed the floor moving where around 20-30 cockroaches were headed straight for my shoes. Needless to say, I couldn’t move fast enough. When I returned the bathroom key, I told the manager that we could no longer use his facility for the Shred It for Less™ service, telling him about the bug ordeal. The manager scoffed and said, “Those are just water bugs . . . no big deal!” Water bugs disguised as cockroaches is what I saw . . . and it wasn’t even close to Halloween! All I could think of was a customer coming in to drop off their material for shredding, using the bathroom and having the same experience. I had an obligation to spare any customer the same experience. Thank you!!


Today, drop-off shredding service is popular–offered at FedEx, UPS and major office supply chain stores. Although people have come to accept the notion of drop-off shredding, there is still a big difference in price. Consider you have three boxes; each standard-size file storage box can hold between 20-30 lbs of paper. And when you take these three boxes to the neighborhood office supply store. You will be between $1.00 – $1.50 per pound. The cost to shred three boxes of material at the pound rate will cost between $60 – $75! Whereas Shred It for Less™ is flat-rate pricing at $10.00/box. As you can see, the difference in savings is significant–at 50% or more.


Sale off 20%

On all combos with fried food.


Sale off 20%

On all combos with fried food.


Sale off 20%

On all combos with fried food.


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A big thanks to Premier’s very generous support. Drum Moyne Public School Fete and ongoing excellent service each week!

Premier’s very generous support. Drum Moyne Public School Fete and ongoing excellent service to our school canteen.

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